Spring 2014 Industry Trends

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Spring Industry Trends


Websites must be responsive –
whether you have an app or not.

By 2017, 87 percent of connected devices will be tablets or smartphones, replacing laptops and desktop computers. The new 2014 Google algorithm has a significant impact on SEO through mobile devices – it now accounts for the mobile “friendliness” when determining search rankings.


Social media for B2B –
an external form of internal communication.

Build a positive, connected culture for employees and use social media as a platform to demonstrate why your company is the best place to work.

of companies say candidate quality improved when socially recruited

of employees are friends with managers and co-workers on Facebook

people in the U.S. have used social media to search for a job


Integrated advertising across multiple mediums reinforces your message and reaches the greatest audience.

Similar to print, digital ads should have quality, useful information and striking visuals to grab reader attention. Also, the more places someone sees the ad – on Google, on Facebook, on the side of a bus, in a magazine – the higher probability it’s remembered.


Instagram is the up and coming social platform for branding and reaching customers.

With no links and limited written content, Instagram has still become an ideal platform for telling your company’s story. Brands can show potential customers what lifestyle experience its products or services can make possible through creative and symbolic visuals.

28% 14% 100 Million

U.S. aged 18-29 use Instagram

U.S. aged 30-49 use Instagram

monthly users

Bold and Flat

Design should be simple, bold and flat.

Two-dimensional, flat, saturated colors that are abstract and bold are trending. Creative typographies alone are now distinct brands and logos.


The best media relationship you can have is with social media.

Social media sites are increasingly people’s first point of contact with news content, following links to stories posted by their social connections. Beyond posting your company’s media hits, mix “newsworthy” information into your content as well.

of adults in the U.S. report using Facebook as a source of news

think that social media is an important way to get news

report clicking on links to news stories through Facebook posts

report “liking” or commenting on news stories posted on Facebook

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